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Our Services

Sell Your Home

List your home with the HBC Group, a proven leader in the market with smart real estate expertise.

  • Recent Sales

  • Valuing Your Property

  • Comparative Market Analysis

  • Marketing Plan

  • Expert Negotiation

  • Transaction Management

  • Customer Service

Buy Your Home

  • Tell us why you want to move and we will make it happen!  The HBC Group believes that what motivates you to buy the right home drives the entire home buying process.
  • We want to know and understand why you want to make a move.
  • We want to know what aspects of a home are most important to you.
  • We actively listen to your needs and wants.
  • We assist you in understanding the factors that bring value to each property you view.
  • We help you to find the home you want in the neighborhood you desire.
  • We will simplify and streamline the home buying process, managing the myriad of details.

Invest in Real Estate

The HBC Group works with individuals and investment entities looking to diversify their investment portfolios. Whether you are considering a new investment avenue, adding to your existing real estate portfolio, or divesting your real estate assets, HBC Group helps you to achieve your investment goals. We have proven strategies and models that deliver profit or cash flow in a variety of real estate investment vehicles.

Contact our Director of Real Estate Investing, Steve Conroy, to learn more about how real estate builds wealth and to discuss the following:

  • Why invest in real estate?
  • How do I get started?
  • How do I acquire the best properties?
  • Advantages of asset diversification and passive income
  • Owning property while your tenant pays the mortgage
  • Identifying properties with good value and appreciation potential
  • Flipping vs. buy and hold

We can also connect you with tax advisors and lenders to consult on the tax implications of investing and the various financing options.

Commercial Practice

Led by a team of principals with proven local expertise, backed by superior market intelligence, research and experience HBC Commercial provides wisdom and experience. Each of the principals has achieved prominence over a thirty-year career and in multiple economic cycles. They are acknowledged experts in managing real estate transactions in all climates, and they enjoy trusted relationships with decision-makers throughout the Metro Washington DC commercial real estate market and financial communities. As a result, their counsel, based on both historical perspective and objective analysis, provides strong steady leadership in the metro Washington DC Commercial Real Estate Market.

We utilize all of our in-house expertise and, when necessary, welcome outside technical resources to achieve our objectives. Local market knowledge, teamed with high-value infrastructure with high-powered vertical service integration, creates the best combination of resources and service available in the Metro Washington DC market. Our principals team with investment analysts, Architects, asset managers, engineers and legal firms to ensure we provide our partners with the best and most thorough transactions.

Services Include:

Due Diligence – Our due diligence experience spans the spectrum of commercial real estate. We work to tailor Due Diligence reports to meet our partner’s needs and requirements.

Specialized Services – If there are questions and answers regarding a commercial real estate projects or portfolio, HBC Commercial can find the answers with our alliances through inspections, market studies, interviews and analyses. Simply put, our services are tailored the needs of our partners.

Highest and Best Use Studies – HBC Commercial can analyze a property’s Highest and Best Use under current, forecasted and imputed market and legal conditions scenarios to provide the highest and best use modeling to fit specific parameters.

Meet the Commercial Team:

  • Bill Detty

  • Steve Conroy