Inside Out: Help children Discover the Silver Lining when Moving

by Karen Briscoe
May 29, 2019

The Pixar movie “Inside Out” is about the main character Riley who when she is 11 her family moves cross country because of her father’s job.  It is a great resources to share with people who are moving with children, especially over the summer months after school is dismissed for the break. The theme of the movie is about the 5 emotions that all people possess:  Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger.  Riley goes through all of the emotions during the process of the movie and after arriving at the new home. 
Riley experienced Sadness about leaving behind her good friends both at school and in her favorite sport, hockey.  Disgust was displayed when the new home did not live up to her expectations. She experienced Fear that she wouldn’t be able to make new friends and that perhaps she wouldn’t make the hockey team in the new town.  At one point she was Angry that her parents uprooted her at a pivotal age which led to her having to experience change that she didn’t want to do.  To her she felt they didn’t even consider her feelings when making the decision.
Over time Riley realizes some positives about the move:  she was able to visit and learn about other parts of the country; she was able to decorate her new room; she became involved in some new clubs and activities as well as experience one of the favorites, hockey; and she made new friends while keeping touch with her old ones.
Through the process, Riley learned to handle all of her emotions. And by working together with her parents, she discovered that they could all grow through the difficult times.  She discovered the “silver lining” of the move and that there can be Joy in change. 
The movie “Inside Out” and related books and materials are great resources to share with those moving with children.  It is a healthy way to show that moving can be difficult, yet also can have a positive outcome.
The 2015 Pixar produced the 3D computer-animated comedy-drama adventure film “Inside Out”.

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