Why Hire a Friend?

by Karen Briscoe
June 1, 2017
Should you or shouldn’t you hire a friend to be your real estate agent, that is a concern often voiced by people I know. According to a 2014 study by National Association of Realtors, 40 percent of homebuyers and 38 percent of sellers hired a real estate agent who is either a friend or based on a friend’s recommendation. These statistics demonstrate that the tendency is towards not. There are countless reasons to hire someone you know. Follows are three.

The purchase and sale of a home in most cases represents the largest financial asset that people possess. Wouldn’t you want someone who you already know and trust to help you navigate that process? As trust is already established, one point to share is that the agent is under the fiduciary duties in the Realtor Code of Ethics to preserve confidentiality. This assurance may relieve the concern that by working with a friend, no one else will know their personal affairs and financial situation. It goes without saying that someone who knows you has an even stronger incentive to have your best interests at heart. Candidly who would you trust more? Someone you meet randomly on the Internet or someone referred by a friend?

There is the added dilemma of what to do when many friends are real estate agents. It seems illogical not to choose any just because there are others that may be not selected and express jealousy or be upset. I happen to know a number of attorneys and CPAs and thus we have been faced with a similar situation in selecting for those services. The criteria my husband and I established is similar to that of when selecting other professional providers: who is most capable of performing to meet our needs and situation. “Trust, but verify” adage attributed to Ronald Reagan is wise counsel to follow.

Choose the agent who has a proven track record of success. This is a worthy strategy an agent can propose when presented with the situation. It came to me by a friend who is now a client. She was asked what it was like to work with a friend and responded “well, she’s the best so why wouldn’t I want to work with her.” As an agent it is my heartfelt desire to do such an incredible job that I am able to earn my friends respect and business. This is accomplished by conducting my business in a professional manner and delivering service that leaves without a doubt that working with me is a fait accompli.

Karen Briscoe and Lizzy Conroy as well as their team of agents at HBC Group at Keller Williams are market experts in the Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland and Washington, DC market place. Whether selling or buying a home, our group of professional Realtors® are delighted to be of service. Please contact via the means most convenient for you: www.HBCGroupKW.com, 703-734-0192, Homes@HBCGroupKW.com.

Karen Briscoe is Principal of the Huckaby Briscoe Conroy Group (HBC) and author of "Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day". She is an Associate Broker in Virginia, a Certified Luxury Home Market Specialist, and a member of the Women’s Council of Realtors. Karen began her real estate career developing residential lots with the Trammel Crow Company in Dallas, and in commercial real estate with The Staubach Company in the Washington, DC Metro area. Karen has a Masters Degree from Southern Methodist University and her BA from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri – her hometown.
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