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The HBC Group has supported Cameron’s Chocolates since the inception in 2013!   It is our tradition to gift clients with a box of Cameron’s Chocolates at settlement.  At the same time we share the story behind these “guilt-free” chocolates with our clients and others.  Cami and the Graham family have been clients of HBC Group for some time, in all they have bought and sold 5 properties through the services of our team.


Cameron’s Chocolates & Coffee is the first business enterprise of the non-profit foundation, Every1 Can Work. They opened their doors officially on October 1, 2013. Over 84% of young adults with cognitive disabilities are unemployed, but not unemployable – there is a big difference. This most vulnerable segment of our society is often the last hired and the first fired at businesses driven solely by profit.


Despite many wonderful public and private vocational training programs and well intentioned government support efforts, thousands of these talented young people end up spending their most productive years sitting on couches watching TV shows all day long. A job means much more than just a paycheck; it means self-esteem and a purpose in life. Every1 Can Work is a non-profit organization that employs these intellectually challenged people and supervises them in the production of delicious chocolate creations and other food-related products and services. Our goal is to earn enough money to keep the employees working. And to make that happen, they have to deliver unique, high-quality chocolate products to the market place.


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