Mom, You Are Loved!

by Lizzy Conroy
May 15, 2018

Thank Goodness there is a special day reserved for calling Mom and sending her flowers!  We are who we are because of our wonderful mothers.  

Mothers put in long unaccounted hours of sleep deprivation, sweat and tears into raising children.  They are there when we laugh and when we cry.  They share our greatest moments.  And for this, we thank them.  We love our mothers for who they have helped us to become.  In the world of real estate, a strong disposition goes a long way in keeping a happy and helpful attitude while perceiving challenges and finding excellent solutions.  We are eternally grateful to our mothers for supporting us and helping to nurture these qualities.   

Photos: Martha Gebhardt, one on her wedding day August 26, 1956, and on daughter Karen Briscoe's wedding day June 6, 1987

I asked my business partner Karen Briscoe, "How has the influence of your mom made you the agent you are today?"

Karen says, "My mother has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders.  The story that she told me as I grew up and continues to proclaim today is that I am capable and worthy of becoming whatever I set my mind to.  As a mother at home when our children were young, I immersed myself in that role.  It was my calling at that time in my life, and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity.  As they grew older, I decided to "try" selling residential real estate. My previous business experience was in the commercial realm.  The difference is that I did more than "try."  I actually "did."  So much so that people who knew me when the kids were young were amazed at my transformation from "mom at home" to "businesswoman".  The majority of Realtors are women, yet only 1 percent arrive at top levels of success.  I rewrote my story by believing that I could, which came from my mom's encouragement."

Agent Jenny McClintock gives a beautiful tribute about her mom.

Margaret Swartz with daughter Jenny McClintock and newborn granddaughter

"My mom, Margaret Swartz, has been an inspiration in my life way before I started my real estate career. She enjoyed a brief stint as a realtor herself in Columbus Ohio in the mid-1980’s.  It was a difficult time for her as a single mom and in a down market. But she persevered until a better opportunity came her way.

I watched my mom transition herself many times over during the course of her life and raised 4 children along the way. She LOVES that I’m in real estate now - we have long phone conversations and she wants every detail about my listings and clients. She is my biggest fan and cheerleader and I love that we share enthusiasm and passion for this business."

And when asked of me, "How has the influence of your mom made you the agent you are today?" I shared...

Photos: "Mom Extraordinaire" Kathy Walker (right, both photos) with daughter Lizzy Conroy

My mother, Kathy Walker, instilled the values of service and empathy in me from an early age.  My mother has always been active in her community and has put others before herself.  In real estate, we as agents must be able to empathize with and serve our clients during a time in their life that can be very exciting yet very stressful.  My mother taught me to care deeply for others and I care for every client I work with regardless of their situation.  Thanks to my mom, I am able to help clients with their real estate needs in a way that puts them at ease while achieving their highest objective with the sale or purchase of their home.

Thank you Moms, for all you have done to help shape us into wonderful adults and moms ourselves.  We are so grateful!  Thank you!

A Tribute to Mothers of McLean

Vivian Maxine Lund, mother of "Chesterbrook historian" Frank da Cruz.  McLean, Virginia, 1952**

Karen Briscoe and her family on vacation in Equador, Laguna Cuicocha at foot of Cotacachi Volcano

Lizzy Conroy and her family 

Jenny McClintock with her daughter

**Photo of his mother, from the Chesterbrook, Virginia photo archive of Frank da Cruz.

Lizzy Conroy is a Partner of HBC Group. She has served as a real estate professional since 2009 and has worked with hundreds of clients. Lizzy graduated from Georgetown University with a B.A. in Economics and has served in a number of professional capacities in the Washington, DC area – first with the international trade group of Hogan Lovells, then as a marketing manager with MicroStrategy of McLean, VA. She also held business development positions with Kalmia Construction, a Maryland-based commercial construction company, and Newmark Knight Frank, a commercial real estate firm.



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