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The Huckaby Briscoe Conroy Group launched Community Charity Champions in 2012 as a venue to fundraise for local nonprofits and local organizations. As good corporate citizens, Karen Briscoe and Lizzy Conroy were searching for a means to support charities in the community. The event is held once a month on Tuesday evenings at Pulcinella Italian Host in McLean, where a portion of monies spent on food and drink by the diner(s) is contributed to the charity of the month. Sponsors include:  Marcus Simon with EKKO Title; Kevin Dougherty with Pillar-to-Post; Kathy & Just Neal with SunTrust, and Jim Harris with BOWA Design Build. The Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce supports CCC in their promotions. Since 2012 Community Charity Champions has raised and given back to the community over $90,000.

“We are excited that these business partners have stepped up to support local charities through the Community Charity Champions arm of HBC Group”, stated Lizzy Conroy.


Our mission at the HBC Group is to "Impact and Improve Lives" -- whether it’s our clients lives, the people we touch through our involvement in charity programs, and even our own lives, implementing our mission in our everyday work is something we have found helps make our jobs more meaningful.

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Below are the local charities HBC Community Charity Champions have already partnered with:


Other local charities and organizations are currently being considered. Please call 703-734-0192 for more information. 

Community Outreach

March 23, 2019 - 32 degrees (22 degrees real feel) and 16 mph winds did not deter the Huckaby Briscoe Conroy (HBC) Group KW from showing up this morning at the Annual Kent Gardens Fun Run! HBC Group was a premium supporter and sponsor of this special event supporting Kent Gardens PTA and educational programs!

July 30, 2018 - Lizzy drops by McLean Hardware. Our local hardware store is regularly ranked among the best in the DMV and is managed by our very own, Christina Cannon's family!

June 15, 2018 - Lizzy's Second Annual Ice Cream Day for her neighborhood, Chesterbrook Woods, held on the very last day of School. A great and celebratory event again.
April 11, 2018 - The HBC Group partners with BOWA home to host a Spring Clean-Up Day! We left with a truck absolutely full of stuff.

March 17, 2018 - This March, Kent Gardens Elementary held a Fun Run and we sponsored it. We also provided water bottles and energy bars at our booth!

June 23, 2017 - Lizzy's First Annual Ice Cream Day for her neighborhood, Chesterbrook Woods, held on the very last day of School. Inspired future Ice Cream Days with it's success!
June 15, 2017 - Lizzy's June Garden Swap was great fun. It was wonderful to see all the delightful flowers in full bloom!

Cameron's Chocolates and Coffee - Every1CanWork

The HBC Group has supported Cameron’s Chocolates since the inception in 2013!   It is our tradition to gift clients with a box of Cameron’s Chocolates at settlement.  At the same time we share the story behind these “guilt-free” chocolates with our clients and others.  Cami and the Graham family have been clients of HBC Group for some time, in all they have bought and sold 5 properties through the services of our team.

Cameron’s Chocolates & Coffee is the first business enterprise of the non-profit foundation, Every1 Can Work. They opened their doors officially on October 1, 2013. Over 84% of young adults with cognitive disabilities are unemployed, but not unemployable – there is a big difference. This most vulnerable segment of our society is often the last hired and the first fired at businesses driven solely by profit.


Despite many wonderful public and private vocational training programs and well intentioned government support efforts, thousands of these talented young people end up spending their most productive years sitting on couches watching TV shows all day long. A job means much more than just a paycheck; it means self-esteem and a purpose in life. Every1 Can Work is a non-profit organization that employs these intellectually challenged people and supervises them in the production of delicious chocolate creations and other food-related products and services. Our goal is to earn enough money to keep the employees working. And to make that happen, they have to deliver unique, high-quality chocolate products to the market place.



The mission of Lift Me Up! is to provide a safe, effective, and challenging therapeutic riding program dedicated to helping children and adults with a wide range of disabilities. By combining the use of horses and the skills of certified instructors, Lift Me Up! seeks to help riders develop physically, mentally, and emotionally in a caring and fun environment that empowers the rider in ways very different from traditional therapy.

By combining the unique and special presence of therapy horses and the skills of caring registered instructors Lift Me Up! helps hundreds students gain confidence, strength and self-esteem in a friendly, fun environment. Riding at Lift Me Up! helps students to sit and stand unassisted, walk independently, improve their focus and attention span and enhance their social and communication skills.

The Briscoe family became involved in Lift Me Up! when their daughter Callie became a horse owner in 2006 and was looking for a local barn to board Brandy.  Karen served as  Gala chair in 2006 and 2007 and those events set a new bar in fundraising amounts for the charity. Karen has also been a Board member since that time and in the last few years in the capacity as a member of the Advisory Board. The HBC Group hosts a table at the annual fundraising gala.

For more information on Lift Me Up! or for information on how you can get involved, go to:



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